Reasons to Travel With Public Transportation


If you’re wondering whether or not you should rent a car when you arrive in a foreign city, we strongly urge you to pump the brakes on that decision. There are so many other ways to get around the city, and one of the best options is public transportation. We understand that traveling to a new city can feel daunting, and public transit structures can seem scary and intimidating. But here’s why you should definitely try it out.

A Built-In Tour

When you travel through a city with public transportation, you’re basically getting a built-in tour. You can just feast your eyes outside of the windows of the train or bus and enjoy all of the various views the city has to offer.

A Real Experience

Not only that but traveling by train or bus is about as real an experience you can get. You might think that visiting a museum is the best way to learn about a city, but going on public transportation is like stepping into the shoes of everyday people who live there. What’s more real than that?

It’s Cheap

Finally, why wouldn’t you want to save some money while traveling? After all, you’re already spending tons of money on other things, so you might as well budget yourself on inter-city travel.


Eitan R
Eitan R
Eitan is a songwriter, Lakers fan, and second-place winner at a Harry Potter trivia night. He enjoys writing about travel, sports, food, and geek culture.
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