Surprising Things Banned From Disney Theme Parks


Are you planning to spend your next family vacation in the wonderful world of Disney? Going to Disney World is one of the most fun places to spend quality time with your family. Kids and adults of all ages have always enjoyed the numerous theme parks, rides, characters, and special shows offered at Disney World.

If you are a common theme-park-going enthusiast, it is likely that you think you know all of the ins and outs of what exactly you are allowed and what exactly you are not allowed to take into most theme parks. If you are planning to go to Disney World, here are some items that you should reconsider bringing, as they are not allowed.

One surprising item that is not allowed are selfie sticks. The parks ban “hand-held extension poles for cameras and mobile devices”. Wrapped gifts are banned as well. Park employees need to be able to inspect all gifts for safety reasons.  Folding chairs are not allowed either.

This may be a bit unfortunate for the folk who are just along for the quality family time and don’t love going on the rides. Drones and pets are also banned, however, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise to most people. Lastly, glass containers and straws and balloons are also banned from being brought into the park.

While some of these banned items may seem a bit strange, there are also some permitted items that you may not have previously expected to be allowed to bring with you into the park. Camera tripods, outside food and drinks, and even small coolers are allowed into the Disney theme parks.


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