Tel Aviv May Be the Best Place for LGBT Individuals to Celebrate Pride


Tel Aviv has one of the biggest LGBT communities in the world. The city is a popular spot for tourists and also serves as a safe place for LGBT individuals facing persecution. The city hosts the largest pride parade in the Middle East and Asia and has plenty of LGBT-friendly businesses such as clubs, gyms, beaches, and hotels to visit.  

The Pride Parade and LGBT Rights

The city’s history with gay rights can be traced back to 1979 when a protest was held in Rabin Square. Although modern parades and activities are more similar to the Tel Aviv Love Parade that was held in 1997.

Every year the Pride Parade is held as part of Pride Week, events celebrating LGBT individuals. An astounding 200,000 people came to the parade in 2017. The festival was the first to focus on understanding bisexuality. Even the mayor, Ron Huldai, said that Tel Aviv should act as a lighthouse city and a safe place for those that need it.

Israel has the most LGBT rights in all of the Middle East and ranks as one of the most tolerant in Asia. Although same-sex marriages are not performed, marriages performed in other countries are recognized. In 2008, it became legal for gay couples to adopt.

Over 100,000 citizens are part of the LGBT community, roughly 25% of the population. The city is often called the world’s most gay-friendly city, beating New York, Toronto, and others.

A Popular Spot for Tourists

If visiting the world’s number-one gay city is on your bucket list, look no further than Tel Aviv. During Pride Week, the city streets are doused in rainbows. Flags and decorations hang everywhere and buildings are lit up in rainbow stripes to show support.

The love and acceptance for the LGBT community in Tel Aviv are truly inspiring. Hopefully, other cities will follow the city’s example. While there is always room for progress, Israel is making great strides.


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