The Best Food Cities In Europe


Europe is a continent that knows how to do food. From the rich deliciousness of French cooking, to the freshness and vibrancy of Italian cuisine, nobody can deny that across the continent food is taken seriously. If you’re looking to taste the best that Europe has to offer, make sure you visit these three cities—each of them are renowned for the quality, variety, and ingenuity of the food on offer.

Seville, Spain

This Spanish city has a proud history of serving some of the most delicious meals, using fresh, locally grown ingredients. Try the carrillada de cerdo (pork cheek cooked in a wine reduction), espinacas con garbanzos (spinach and chickpea stew), or the serranito, a beloved Sevilian sandwich consisting of seared pork loin, salty serrano ham, a slice of tomato and a grilled green pepper. The best thing is that the weather encourages you to dine al fresco, so enjoy lounging outside a cafe, watching the world go by.

Paris, France

A well-known destination for French cuisine, the capital is now also the go-to place for Vietnamese, Moroccan, Japanese and Cantonese food. Seek out tabbouleh (Moroccan cous cous) or bánh mì (a type of Vietnamese baguette, filled with savory food such as pickled vegetables, sausage, slow cooked pork or duck. As well as the more traditional restaurants, there are many street food options available around the capital, so take your time to explore.

Budapest, Hungary

If you travel to Eastern Europe, you have the choice between many traditional Western dishes, such as pizza and pasta, or you can sample local cuisines. In Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, you will enjoy goulash (a traditional stew consisting of meat, vegetables, and the spice paprika), halászlé (a rich and comforting fish soup), and the indulgent dobos cake if you have any room for dessert!

Wherever you visit in Europe, you are sure to enjoy some delicious food, but the three cities listed here really are going above and beyond to provide some of the most exciting and interesting dishes you can try.


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