The Best Tips for Solo Travelers


Traveling alone is the best choice for many people – you don’t have to be an introvert, but it helps. Here are some great tips for solo travelers.  

Track your Routes

There are some free apps such as LiveTrekker which make it possible to track your footsteps. No matter where you have been in the day – shopping , hiking, walking through gardens and museums or sightseeing, apps let you create a beautiful, detailed map, which you’ll enjoy at the end of the day. You don’t even need an Internet connection.
Learn the Local Language

And download an app to help you! It’s easy with multiple-choice questions, translation exercises, and word-matching quizzes. Apps can help you learn a language as you go, anytime, anywhere. 
Eat with Locals

Apps and websites such as Withlocals, EatWith, and Feastly allow you to book meals with local hosts, some of whom are even employed as chefs. Some hosts cook for six or more people, and others – just for two. It’s a great way to meet someone. Some sites offer meals at farms, pop-up locations, and other large venues apart from the cook’s home.
Learn the Local Laws

Admittedly, this tip should be taken seriously and applies for group and sole travelers. Check your government’s website or that of your destination’s government to learn about cultural norms, health considerations, crime, drug and alcohol use, embassy locations, and visa requirements. Some sites even offer extra tips for sole female travelers, disabled persons, and LGBT travelers.



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