The Island That Never Sleeps


Imagine one of the most beautiful islands that you will ever see, plus excellent cuisine options, plus great bar selection, plus best clubbing with the world’s best DJ, now stop imaging and just book your next vacation to Mykonos, Greece.

The Island That Never Sleeps

This beautiful Island, Filled with the famous Cycled architecture of bright white houses and blue windows will not stop to amaze you as you walk through the streets of its main city.

The Island That Never Sleeps

Start your day at one of the beaches you can go to Paradise or Super Paradise to enjoy the good vibe and endless beach party or enjoy the clear turquoise water in quite in Elia or one of the northern beaches.

The Island That Never Sleeps

At night the city comes to live with galleries, taverns, restaurants and clubs. Save your energy as nightlife here stops only when the sun rises.

You won’t be by yourself in this popular destination. The Kardashians are regulars here too, Tom Hanks like to visit from time to time and even Tom Cruise might be strolling the cassava next to you.


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