So, The Loch Ness Monster Might Be Real After all?


Many people have been discussing over the existence of Loch Ness.  And yet, there is no final answer. However, a geneticist has a plan to find it out and put an end to the discussion once for all.

Neil Gemmell is a geneticist at the University of Otago. He is specialized in environmental DNA. Gemmell takes samples from the environment and tests the DNA found in them. Gemmell can determine which species is where by tracking their genetic info. In this way he can also trace protected species.

He wants to do with Loch Ness. And apparently, it’s easier to study the DNA with traces left in the water.  So Gemmell will collect some samples and pull the DNA (if founded), compare it to the sequences of known living things in a database, and if something come out… We’ll know Nessie exists!  That’s so exciting!


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