They Had a Crush On Camp, And Got Married 25 Years Later


High school crushes always stay with us. That unfulfilled first love is so innocent and pure that we can never let it go, and we always seem to remeber who it is. Unfortunately, most times we will never get the chance to date that person and later in life it will be hard to trace and find that first love, and if we are lucky, love will find its way into our life and we will be satisfied in this area, and it won’t matter that we didn’t get to have a chance with our highschool crush…for most of us.

These couples were in the same camp and other places like the YMCA, Blue Ridge Mountains and more. They even shared a blanket on the bus one trip. Kim Kuhl had a crush on Evan Leach when she was 14 years old. But hadn’t seen him ever since,until Thanksgiving Day on 2013. In the age of dating apps where most people are finding their relationships now, it has become both a good and bad tool for fostering realtionships. In the case of Kim and Evan, dating apps worked out in their favor when Evan coincidentally contacted her on a dating site. Kim recognized his name and picture immediately, they met, at first Evan had to be reminded with all the details but he soon got all his memories back, almost like it was fate. They got married in the most romantic place on earth: Paris, as a love story like that should end. 



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