This Is How You Wont Offend The Locals On Your Next Vacation


Travelling is an incredible chance to get to know more other cultures and eventually to discover yourself as well. It is really important though to know what the people of the country you’re travelling to expect from you. It is fundamental to understand what is ok and not ok to do abroad. The last thing a tourist wants to do is to offend locals or worst, do something illegal. So it is important to be aware of cultural differences while travelling.

  • While in Russia, don’t give flowers in even numbers to anyone. It is considered extremely bad luck. So if you meet a girl or you want to do a nice gesture, avoid even numbers. Better one rose than two!
  • If you are in Japan and you get a cold, don’t leave your hotel room. Japanese consider disgusting to blow your nose in public. So if you have to do it, go to the closest bathroom.
  • A thumbs up gesture in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Greece can actually mean “up yours”. So avoid that friendly gesture if you don’t want to get misunderstood.
  • In Argentina it is well-seen to arrive late to an appointment. Thus don’t you dear being on time!
  • In Australia and New Zealand is considered extremely snobbish if you’ll sit in the back of a taxi. Sit next to the driver and get to know him while getting where you need to go! Taxi drivers are the best when it comes to good suggestions for tourists!


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