This Swiss Hotel Is Just a Bed On a Mountainside


The beautiful aspect about art is that it is subjective to the interpreter. It does not neccessarily have to be one thing or another, black or white. There is no wrong way to explain or illustrate art. Art doesn’t always come in frames. Sometimes more expressionist mediums are employed. One example is this bizarre hotel which is just a bed on a Swiss mountainside.

For half a decade, twin concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin have been devoting their artistry to the Null Stern (zero star) Hotel project. IT began when they put a couple of beds in a nuclear fallout shelter near St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2008.

Then came phase two – a hotel that comprises of a queen bed on the side of a mountain. It has zero stars, in case you’re wondering.

The brothers have kept their original slogan from their first foray into being hoteliers: “Null Stern — The Only Star Is You!” This month, the duo opened their new installation. The hotel has already sold out for the whole summer.

Each patron is provided with a queen bed, breakfast provided by a local farmer in a tuxedo and work boots, and a bathroom a ten-minute walk away at the local eatery.

All for the price of $260 a night. Patrick notes “the mountains are the imaginary building of the new Null Stern. It looks like a fantasy, but it’s a serious statement – a fantasy you can sleep in.”

Fantasy, that is, until it starts raining.


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