Three Foods You Must Try In New Orleans



One of the top reasons that people travel all around the world is in order to experience the variety of cuisine that exists in each individual city. It is common to be able to find restaurants of all sorts anywhere you go.

But, there are some places where you can really experience a certain type of dining experience authentically. One of the cities in the United States that is one of the most well-known dining destinations is none other than New Orleans, Louisiana.

People travel to New Orleans for many different reasons. Whether you decide to spend Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street, collecting as many beads as possible, or just going there for a family vacation,

New Orleans has so much to offer, starting with the food. New Orleans is known for creole food and that of traditional Louisiana cuisine. If you want the true NOLA experience, here are three foods that you absolutely have to try.

Seafood Po’boy. Po’boys are arguably one of the most well-known foods that the city of New Orleans is gifted with. You can buy a Po’boy at many restaurants with a variety of protein choices. From traditional shrimp Po’boys to alligator sausage ones, your palette will never get tired of these sandwiches.

Market Corn. In New Orleans, you must visit the French Market. There are a ton of food stands here with a variety of delicious offerings. One, in particular, is corn steamed with butter and topped with cheese and traditional creole seasoning. This is a polar snack option for people walking around the market.

Beignets. These funnel-cake like delicacies are offered at a variety of cafes around New Orleans. However, they are famous at Cafe Du Monde and the line to get them is definitely worth the wait.


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