Ticija Hax Will Inspire You To Pack Your Bags and Fly To London


If you still haven’t discovered how dreamy London can be, Ticija Hax will inspire you to see this city through brand-new eyes. She’s one of the best London-based travel bloggers, and her Instagram posts will take you on the most magical trip around the UK capital.

Hax is an Instagram influencer with over 100,000 followers, who enjoys fashion and travel in equal measure. Most of her Instagram posts see her wearing dreamy dresses around London, making her favorite city look straight out of a fairy tale.

Hax is no stranger to exploring other places, especially Europe’s top attractions, such as Paris, Santorini, and Venice. Despite being a passionate globetrotter, there’s a reason why London holds a special place in her heart and why she enjoys using the power of social media to inspire other people to put it on their bucket list.

No matter where she travels, Hax believes that the most memorable moments always happen in London. There’s no wrong season to visit it because each one has its unique charm when you’re in this city, and Hax’s posts are a perfect showcase of its amazing beauty.

She constantly shares tips and tricks that will help you enjoy London to the fullest, but she also enjoys introducing her followers to places that aren’t extremely popular but deserve as much attention as London’s top attractions.


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