Tips For Finding Affordable Last-Minute Flights


Have you found yourself catching a travel bug? If so, then booking a spontaneous vacation may be exactly what you need. Here are some tips to help you find the most affordable flights at the last minute.

Travel During Off-Peak Times

Naturally, ticket prices rise when the demand for flights increases. This often means that flights are most expensive during the summer months when travelers are in search of a beach vacation. For this reason, booking a flight during fall or spring could result in a reduced fare. You could also consider booking a midweek flight as opposed to the weekends.

Use A Flight Map

Websites such as Google Flights offer interactive maps where you can view travel destinations in different countries and the most affordable flights on offer. This can enable you to find the cheapest last-minute flights provided that you are flexible when it comes to choosing where to travel to.

Use Your Miles

If you do have a specific destination in mind and are unable to find cheap last-minute lights, then your airline loyalty program may come in handy. Make sure to sign up for free loyalty programs whenever you fly with a new airline so that you can earn miles each time you fly. If you’ve been doing so, then you may have enough miles to get a heavily discounted flight or even an award ticket. There are also some airlines that have joint loyalty programs so you can spend your miles with both.


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