True Friendship: Guy Gives Kidney to His Best Friend


When Graham McMillan heard that his bestie, Danny Kolzow is suffering from Alport syndrome, which causes kidney failure at an early age. Graham went into immediate action and did the required tests to discover if he could help his friend, and donate him one of his kidneys. When the final results arrived, stating that he is a perfect match for donation, Graham arranged to surprise Kolzow with the good news.


He made a funny pun and wrote it on a big sign: “I heard urine need of a kidney, want mine?”, and went to Baylor All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, where Kolzow is working. Once entering his friend’s office, he continued to hold the sign and read the message out loud. Kolzow  was so shocked to hear the news, and just broke down and cried.

The surgery took place just a few days later, and the doctors have reported that both friends are healthy and happy.

This is a true friendship, no question, the extreme kindness and altruism will bond Kolzow and McMillan even more for years to come. We wish them both good health. 



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