Unusual Museums You Need to Check Out While in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands, has no shortage of museums. Whether you are into art, science, or history, you will find a museum dedicated to the subject of your interest. And even if you are not particularly interested in any of those things, there is probably still a museum there for you.

You see, Amsterdam also has a large number of unusual museums dedicated to all sorts of strange and weird things. These are definitely worth checking if you have spare time on your hands or simply want to get adventurous while exploring the city. Here are some of the best.

Dutch Funeral Museum So Far

Let’s get straight to weird. Dutch Funeral Museum (Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover) explores funerary practices of various cultures. It contains all sorts of funerary and death-related artifacts, including caskets, funerary masks, and urns. The museum is fittingly located beside a cemetery and crematorium.

Below the Surface

Below the Surface museum contains all unusual artifacts and items that were uncovered during the excavations for the city’s North-South metro line. Some of the items date back to 2400 BC, with the collection including ancient coins, ice skates from Middle Ages, and a piggy bank from the 18th-century.

Cat Cabinet

Cat lovers will feel right at home while visiting Cat Cabinet (KattenKabinet). The entire museum is solely dedicated to works depicting cats in all shapes and forms. This includes sculptures, drawings, and paintings, among others. You’ll even discover artworks from some notable artists, including Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt.


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