Villager Finds an Incredible Thing in the Woods


A shocking discovery that has been made created giant conversation throughout the country of Bosnia. This was one of the most exciting and surprising discovery ever made. This time, the objects that were found couldn’t easily be explained.

Enough with the suspense… a group of Bosnian villagers uncovered a mysterious stone in the forest of Zavidovići. As soon as they found it, they quickly contacted archaeologists to help them understand what that strange object was. The item was approximately five feet in diameter and was made of iron. The theory of one researcher, Semir Osmanagić, is that this object could be the key to unlock the secrets of an ancient civilization. According to him, the sphere is a relic from more than 1,500 years ago. Not only that, he argued that spheres like these were commonly found in 1970s. The reason why they have become rarer is because people would destroy them to see if there was gold inside.

Semir, however, is known for his unaccountable statements. This sphere may, in fact, not have been manmade at all. He thinks that there is a chance this sphere has been made completely naturaly.

Dr. Mandy Edwards of Manchester University stated that the sphere was originated by “precipitation of natural mineral cement within the spaces between sediment grains,” a process known as concretion. Apparently though, geologists still don’t entirely understand the concretion process, so there is no certainty.

Any guess is as good as these mentioned above, so what do you think?


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