How to Get Those Farm Fresh Eggs You Had Abroad, At Home


There are a ton of new online services that have been showing up in the last few years. The internet has made it excessively easy to purchase many different things that were not available in the past. Huge companies such as ebay and Amazon have found ways to make online transactions easier than ever.

And while these large corporations sure are capitalizing on all of the customers willing to spend a premium for the convenience of online shopping, other companies and services have found their way into the online transaction space as well. It is now easier than ever to purchase or even rent an item online. So, what is the latest service taking the online market by storm? Chicken rentals.

That’s right. People can now rent chickens to bring to their home in order to get fresh, natural eggs. This company is called Rent the Chicken and they promise “farm fresh eggs without the commitment” and cater to major cities in North America.

Rent the Chicken supplies a cop, food, and water to those who don’t already have access to any of those things. Chicken rental packages are available for months at a time, depending on the amount of time a customer is willing to spend with their rented chicken.

For people who want to go beyond the typical chicken rental, there is a package where you can receive a chicken and engage in the experience of hatching and raising chicks.  For chicken renters, depending on the package, people can usually expect 28 farm fresh eggs per week.


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