Where To Travel If You Love Chocolate


A classic desert staple and the sweet that anyone with a sweet tooth would crave, Chocolate is a delicacy that was discovered over 2000 years ago. 

According to legend, the Aztecs and the Maya mixed ground cacao seeds with a variety of seasonings and drank these spicy concoctions as a drink instead of eating it as a dessert. When the Spaniards arrived in Central America, they discovered this cacao conception and brought the seeds back with them to Europe when they began adding sugar to the ground cacao. Therefore, it is pretty certain that chocolate first came about in Central America.

But it is not as easy as thought to grow chocolate from the cacao plant, you have to be in a special region to do this.

 Some of the countries that are said to produce the best chocolate in the world aren’t even able to grow cacao plants themselves. The three places in the world that have the best chocolate, according to connoisseurs, are Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy.

Swiss chocolate is best known for its overall quality. Belgium, which produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year is known for the aroma of its chocolate. Belgian chocolate is also handcrafted, which makes the delicious sweets more expensive. And lastly, Italy is also known for the high quality and creaminess of their chocolate. And, while the chocolate from these countries sure is decadent, a Hershey’s bar, Reese’s bar, or a Twix bar will surely taste just as good, if you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth on a budget.


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