Where To Travel If Youre Young And Broke


What do you do when you’ve been infected with wanderlust but don’t have too much extra cash left in your banking account to spend on travel?

Well, there are tons of places all over the world where you can experience culture, cuisine, and history without completely drying out your life savings account. Especially if you are young and able to just pick up and go, it is important to note that there are specific destinations where your dollar may last a little longer and your experience can be made a little cheaper. Here are some of the best travel destinations if you are young and on a budget.

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the cheapest places to travel. Hotels and hostels offer prices as low as $20 a night which will leave you with extra spending money to use for excursions, shopping, or other things.

Bali, Indonesia is also a great place to travel to. Especially in April, May, September, and October, you can travel here for a pretty cheap price. Hotels are pretty inexpensive and the equivalent price of one American meal could get you through the day easily.

Crete, Greece is another travel destination to look into if you are hoping to save a bit of money. Traveling to Crete costs significantly less than traveling to Athens or Santorini.

Lisbon, Portugal, is another good travel destination and sometimes it is cheaper to fly into Lisbon than into other, more popular European Travel destinations. There are also a ton of other inexpensive travel destinations to add to your bucket list.




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