Take That Cruise Excursion


Cruises are really cool ways to travel. The huge ships are basically like large, luxurious resorts, floating casually in the middle of the ocean. Cruises offer some amazing amenities. Most cruise ships offer unlimited food buffets, nicely equipped gyms, amazing customer service, beautiful pool decks, and entertaining shows and activities.

Cruises often travel to a bunch of different, exotic locations that appeal to those with an adventurous spirit. And while staying on the amazing cruise ship with the vast amount of amenities already on board, it is important to get off and explore the destinations of the cruise ship. Each cruise ship offers a couple of port stops, ranging from the Bahamas to  Alaska, to European islands.

At these ports, there are a variety of excursion options available for purchase. They are typically a bit pricey, but it would definitely be worth spending a bit of extra money on at least one super cool, once in a lifetime experience. Some examples of port excursions include swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, ATV riding, waterfall hikes, and even horseback riding through the waters of the Caribbean.

It is especially noteworthy to book these excursions at ports that may not be the best reviewed travel destinations by previous passengers. For example, Free Port in the Bahamas is one of Carnival Cruise Line’s most frequented stops. When you get off at the port, there is not much to do except for look through the many overly touristy shops arranged in a semi circle around the popular bar, Senor Frogs.

Unless you have booked an excursion for this destination, your time in Free Port may be better spent by staying on the ship. So, do your research and find at least one port where you would be willing to splurge a little bit on a fun excursion for you and your family.


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