Why You Should Visit Guatemala For Your Next Vacation


From its breathtaking natural wonders to its Mayan Ruins, colonial towns, and architectural feats, the Central American nation of Guatemala is certainly one of the top travel destinations you can visit for a summer getaway. Here are some of the magical aspects of Guatemala that should convince you to make it part of your next trip.

Guatemala City

Before heading to the wild, enjoy all of the attractions that Guatemala’s capital city has to offer. In addition to tasty restaurants and its bustling nightlife, there’s the  National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology to visit, filled with precious ancient Mayan artifacts.

Volcán De Pacaya

30 kilometers from the capital city is the Volcán de Pacaya, home to Guatemala’s most prominent volcanic chain. Having erupted in 1961 after 70 years of dormancy, it once again had a massive eruption in 2010.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tikal is home to some of the most impressive ruins left over from the ancient Mayan civilization. Filled with pyramids and impressive temples, Tikal is worth a visit for any history lover. As you take in the breathtaking views, consider climbing up the steps of Temple IV, the tallest structure in Tikal if you’re feeling brave enough.


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