World’s Largest Anaconda Discovered In The Amazon River


Gordon Buchanan is a well-known Scottish wildlife filmmaker who spends his time hanging out with insane animals. He has seen any types of animals, from crocodiles in New Guinea to lions in the Kalahari. The BBC documentary of which he is the host is called Tribes, Predators and Me.

In the show, he travels to far tribes to learn about them and to meet dangerous animals. One of the most intense trips was the one in the Amazon River. In particular, there’s one famous episode where Buchanan travels to Ecuador to meet the people of the Waorani tribe, who live along the Amazon River. There, he learns about the traditions of the Waorani.

They are expert anaconda hunters. They don’t kill the snakes, they capture them and then release them. They believe it gives them strength and courage. During this episode, they spot one of the biggest anaconda ever seem. From the video, you can see that this snake is massive. It turned out is was the largest anaconda ever discovered, 17 feet long!


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