You Can Really Stay at This Beauty and the Beast Inspired Castle


If you are a Disney fan, then this is the place for you. It is a Beauty and the Beast inspired castle. It is located in France, in particular in the French countryside of Vendee and Charente.

It is a beautiful place: It is a real-life version of the Beast’s castle from the Disney classic. Also, it is not the only one: Oliver’s Travels has a bunch of majestic gateway spots you can check out that are as beautiful as this one. This castle costs about $1,762 for the week. It might seem a lot, but it can host 10 people, so if you divide it among a group of friends it won’t be too expensive.

Think about it: Huge king size beds, an amazing garden, big windows and lots of nature surrounding the castle. It will be like living in a fairytale! You will feel like Bella walking around these huge halls, expect you’ll have your charming boyfriend on your side and not the scary Beast! It sounds like an amazing summer plans! 


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