You May Be Surprised To Learn This About Your Cruise Destination


Cruise lines and travel agencies thrive off of the public’s desire to experience the tropical beauty of many island destinations. One of the most popular destinations to be visited by travelers and sun seekers from all over the world are the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. Here, tourists get to experience the beauty of the sandy beaches, crystal clear oceans, and the local culture.

Some popular destinations in the Bahamas include Nassau and Freeport. In the Caribbean, some of the most popular travel destinations are the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Aruba. There are a ton of fun and family friendly adventures that trip goers travel to these islands from all over the world to participate in, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, Island tours, and much more.

However, what is portrayed to the public as a beautiful destination of serenity, colorful culture, and relaxation may not always be the case. People may be surprised to learn that behind all of the glamour put on for the tourists, many of these popular destinations are also home to some pretty horrific occurrences.

Behind the closed doors of the colorful cafes and cute houses, the inner occurrences of the local residents may not be as cheerful as the exterior portrays. Just outside of the touristy areas of these popular cities, crimes such as death and rape are more prevalent than other tourists may realize. These countries are not very wealthy and many residents live in extreme poverty.

Along with crime rates being high, many beaches that aren’t typically frequented by tourists are covered in filth and washed up trash. These destinations have a ton to offer tourists, but be weary of the fact that there is a tourist bubble surrounding the true state of these destinations.


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