3 Idyllic UK Fishing Villages You Must Visit


The UK has a lot to offer as a travel destination. Whether you’re more of a town or countryside person, there are plenty of great options to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. If you’re a lover of both urban areas with interesting buildings and pretty streets as well as rural areas where you can feel connected to nature, then a classic fishing village may be your dream destination. Here are three in the UK that should be added to your travel plans. 

Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire

This picturesque village is found in the north of Yorkshire, just south of Whitby. It has a huge sprawling beach and the village is built up the hill leading away from the coast with a gorgeous little harbor area and tiny windy alleys and streets to explore. 

Portree, Isle of Skye

This village is the largest on Skye and the capital of the island. It’s found on the shore of Loch Portree and was established as a fishing village only 200 years ago. Despite this, it has all the charm and atmosphere of any old village and boasts delightful colored houses dotted along the water’s edge. 

Boscastle, Cornwall

This stunning spot is located on the north coast of Cornwall. Built into a steep valley, the river running through the village to the stream brings an additional beauty and charm, and the rocky cliffs building away from the sheltered harbor remind you of how wild and free the area is.


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