3 Reasons to Visit Glasgow, Scotland


Edinburgh is well known as a fantastic tourist destination, and if you haven’t visited the stunning city before, you need to add it to your ‘to-visit’ list. However, don’t neglect Scotland’s other major city, Glasgow. From its vibrant food scene, to its stunning green spaces, Glasgow offers a fantastic experience whether you’re stopping by for a weekend or staying for the week. Here, check out three of the best things to do in Glasgow.

Visit the Cathedral and Necropolis

When you first hear mention that Glasgow has a necropolis, you may do a double take – it certainly doesn’t sound like something a 21st-century city possesses, but Glasgow’s is great and glorious and situated right up on a hillside above the city for some fabulous views. It’s just across the road from Glasgow’s ancient cathedral, so combine the two into a trip that will take in history, art, nature, and culture.

Enjoy the Food Scene

As well as offering plenty of haggis and tatty scones, Glasgow can provide you with a plate of incredible Korean food, a bowl of Vietnamese pho, or a dish of Polish pierogi, depending on what you’re looking for. The food scene has international scope and is of an excellent standard, in fact, it will be hard to eat badly when you’re vacationing in Glasgow.

Explore the Botanical Gardens

Glasgow has some extensive green spaces and some fabulous walking options, in fact, the starting point of the West Highland Way (an epic hiking trail that goes up the west coast of Scotland) starts just out of the city. If you want access to green space while staying inside Glasgow, head to the Botanical Gardens which feature some stunning Victorian-era greenhouses.


Lily F
Lily F
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