5 Best Ways to Save Money on Food During Your Travels


It’s always fun to try delicious new foods in each new country you visit, but this habit doesn’t come cheap. If you want to keep your food expenses on the budget-friendly side, this brief guide will help you explore the culinary scene of each country without spending a fortune.

Try Street Food

Instead of focusing on trying local specialties at fancy restaurants, look for popular street food stalls that offer authentic gastronomic experiences for cheap.

Free Breakfast

Make the best of free breakfast at your hostel and hotel. You’ll save a fortune by eating a filling breakfast that will keep you energized for most of the day.

Bring Your Own Snacks

If your trip involves flying or traveling by bus or train in between cities, make sure to pack snacks beforehand instead of buying overpriced food on board.

Do Your Research

Never sit at the first restaurant that seems cute and do a little bit of research beforehand. Look for affordable options online and check out menus when available so you can compare prices and get a better idea of how much certain things cost.

Prepare Your Meals

Consider booking accommodation with a communal kitchen or a kitchenette where you can cook your own meals with fresh ingredients bought at local markets.


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