A Giant Car Vending Machine is Unveiled in Singapore


When you thought you have seen all kinds of madness in the world, here is Singapore. A new huge vending machine was recently inaugurated. What’s special about it? This vending machine in Singapore offers something far more expensive than chips and drinks.

The new Autobahn vending machine offers a wide selection of vehicles. Autobahn Motors has just opened a new showroom. It is made up of 15 floors and a 60-space showroom. The building looks exactly like a car vending machine. You can choose between really expensive and luxurious cars. The building has an access point at the lobby where customers can use a touch screen.

When an interested buyer comes in the store, he can select a car and have it appear in front of him immediately. People can’t buy a car just like that, there is still a lot of paperwork to do. However, the vending machine idea attracts a lot of people.


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