An Epic Tale of Romance


Though most might not care to admit it, everyone’s heart tends to soften after hearing a true love story. Billions of romantic novels are sold per year and movies like fifty shades of grey are sold out weeks before their release dates. The allure of a truly romantic tale is usually pretty hard to resist, but what is even more exciting is having a firsthand account of a romance that most will only live to read about. 

For one Corrie Corfield, the gratification of being at the forefront of what can only be described as an epic romantic tale is only too real. On the twenty-second day of September 2017 the lives of Corrie Corfield and a Penelope who resides in Athens, with forever be intertwined in the history books. 

According to Corrie Corfield on this September day she was on a beach somewhere in America when up washed what at first seemed like an ordinary small bottle; however, upon closer inspection, Corfield realized that there was a piece of paper and a few seashells enclosed within the bottle. 

Driven by utter curiosity Corfield opened the bottle to find a letter written in Greek with a phone number attached. Staying true to her curious nature Corfield prolonged her little beach adventure by placing a call to the number on the Greek letter. At the other end of that phone call was Penelope, who dived into the details of her unique little love story; telling Corfield that the letter she found was intended for a someone that Penelope met while on vacation. 

Penelope told Corfield that she wrote the letter and threw it into the sea while she was on a ferry to Ithaka, which was approximately 50km from the location Corfield found the bottle. Penelope’s hope at the time was that her letter might reach the intended recipient; however, at the time of Corfield’s call Penelope had thrown the bottle out to sea two months prior, and Corfield was pleased to hear that Penelope had eventually regained contact with the letter’s intended recipient. 

This tale of Penelope and her mystery lover just goes to show that true love does exist and the story of Penelope, her lover and Corfield doesn’t stop here. According to Corfield, she threw the bottle back into the ocean hoping to add more participants to this extraordinary tale of love. 


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