Avoid Bringing These Items To The Airport


As many seasoned travelers know, the airport can be a frustrating place to navigate, between security, passport control, and all the crowds of people. What’s more, airlines often have strict baggage requirements, which can result in a world of trouble if you don’t follow them. Here are some basic items to avoid packing in order to make your life a little easier.

Anything Sharp

While knives are an obvious item to avoid bringing on a plane, think of anything sharp that in your carry-on that could be deemed sharp. Whether it’s a sharp keychain, razor blades, or nail clippers, it’s best to travel without these so as to avoid any security holdups.

Self-Defence Items

Yet again, items like knives and guns are prohibited from flights. Still, there are other self-defence items that could be confiscated from you by security. Pepper spray and a tazer are two obvious examples.

Hazardous Materials

Think about the types of batteries in your electronic devices as well as any cleaning materials you have. This is because bleach and acids are all prohibited.


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