Best Beaches In Florida For A Tropical Vacation


Thanks to its palm trees, vibrant nightlife, and warm weather all year round, Florida is the ideal U.S. state to travel to for a rejuvenating beach holiday. Here are some of the best Floridian beaches that you can visit to relax, unwind, and recharge.

Siesta Key

Located off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Siesta Key Beach is as beautiful as it is tranquil. Its eight miles of white quartz sand and crystal-clear water make it an ideal place to relax, while the nearby array of restaurants, stores, and nightlife will be sure to keep you entertained once the sun goes down.

South Beach

If you’re searching for a more vibrant atmosphere, then look no further than South Beach. Located in the heart of Miami, South Beach has plenty of water sports on offer, including paddle boarding, snorkeling, and yachting. What’s more, it’s right next to Ocean Drive, the home of Miami nightlife.

Marco Island

Linked to Florida’s mainland via bridges leading to the city of Naples, Marco Island boasts a resort-filled coast off the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re looking to view local wildlife, go kayaking, or simply bathe in the sun’s powerful rays, then Marco Island has the beach for you.


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