Best Places to Get Affordable and Tasty Food in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is somewhat underrated as a food destination. Most people come for other reasons, like architecture, museums, coffee shops, and one particular district, but end up being amazed by the city’s food offerings.

When in Amsterdam, you will have your choice of fast-food chains, exclusive restaurants, bakeries, and street joints that offer all sorts of domestic and international dishes. But if you really want to get your money’s worth, you should check out the places below.

Dr. Falafel

Dr. Falafel is a small food joint in Nassaukade street that serves falafel pita sandwiches. The sandwiches are stuffed with falafel balls and fresh veggies like cucumbers and diced tomatoes before being topped with a variety of sauces. Make sure to ask for a mild sauce if you can’t handle the heat because their spicy sauce packs a powerful punch. The place is cheap compared to the rest of Amsterdam, with one sandwich coming at around $8.

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

If you are looking for something sweet, then The Happy Pig Pancake Shop on Rosmarijnsteeg street is the spot for you. They serve all sorts of waffles and crepes that can be customized with whipped cream, spreads, and fresh fruit. Keep in mind that paying with a card is preferred, and they will only accept cash if you have the exact amount.

Fabel Friet

For the best fries in Amsterdam, head to Fabel Friet. Just make your way to Runstraat street and look for long lines. The place can get packed, especially in the evening hours, thanks to crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside fries and a great selection of sauces. Try the truffle mayo sauce—you won’t regret it.