Unusual Museums You Need to Check Out While in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands, has no shortage of museums. Whether you are into art, science, or history, you will find a museum dedicated to the subject...

Blink and You’ll Miss These Awesome Sights in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a vibrant city that seems to have great sights on every corner. Walking its streets is...

7 Breathtaking Places to Go Swimming This Summer

As the weeather gets warmer and the days get longer. people are naturally drawn to the beach. Lots of people take vacation specifically so they can visit the most beautiful beaches around the world. But the beach isn't only about catching rays and laying on a towel, it's about diving into mother nature's giant swimming pool. Here are some great destinations to do just that.

Munich is a Must

When traveling through Europe, Germany is a popular stop for those who love beer, culture, and beautiful scenery. When deciding on which cities to visit in Germany, most people automatically choose to visit Berlin, the country’s capital. However, Munich is also a popular travel destination that should not be forgotten about. Munich is known for hosting Germany’s Oktoberfest event, which draws huge, beer loving crowds from all over the world to attend. Oktoberfest, while insanely fun, is not the only thing that Munich has to offer.

This Abandoned Castle In Italy Looks Like a Crazy Hallucination

There are many reasons why people go on vacations. You might look for the best nouvelle cuisine in Paris, hop between karaoke bars in Tokyo, or shop around in Beverly Hills, California. But sometimes what motivates us to see the world serves a different purpose and it is to marvel at the beauty of mankind’s art and architecture both modern and ancient. Strolling the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, or climbing the steps of the Buddhist temples at Borobudur in Indonesia is a sight that one must see to believe, and the castle of Sammezzano outside the sleepy town of Leccio in Tuscany belongs squarely on the list on unbelievable places.

Why You Need to Visit This Lavender Farm in Georgia

The springtime is the time to see new life, and, beauty. This spring, you need to make sure you visit this farm in Georgia.

Unusual European Traditions

The differences that exist across cultures truly keep the world an interesting place. I mean, imagine a world where every single person had the same customs, looked similar, dressed the same, and spoke the same language. The world as a whole would be incredibly more boring in that case.

Norway’s Stunning Planetarium

Just about 30 miles north of Oslo, Norway lies an undisturbed countryside by the name of Harestua. Located in this forest, Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta has recently released plans and images of a beautiful planetarium and visiting center, which will join the Harestua Solar Observatory - Norway's largest astronomical facility - in 2020. The ambitious facilities aim to provide a place where travelers and students can observe the world's natural wonders.

4 Incredible Things About the Azores

Found in the midst of the cerulean Atlantic closer to its African coast than to its metropoli, Lisbon, the Azores archipelago is a place of exquisiteness and adventure.

The Top Celebrity Vacation For The Artsy Type

Mallorca (Majorca) is a scenic island in Spain. Chopin and Miró were inspired by this dreamy island. Nowadays it changes a bit to become a spring break top destination.

This Road In France Disappears Underwater Twice A Day

If you’re planning a trip to France in the near future, make sure to be careful with which of the roads you take. They might just disappear, and here's why...

Viking Festival in Scotland in Off the Chain

Up Helly Aa is a legendary Viking festival that takes place in Scotland every year. Realistic armored costumes, group chanting, and a full-on ship burning was only the beginning of a night filled with drinking, dancing and… Well, more drinking.

What You Should Do While in Norway

Norway is probably one of the most beautiful countries that a person can travel to. The rolling hills are covered in plush snow, the woodlands are lush with cold resistant greenery, and you may even see a few interesting animals in neighborhood such as an Elg, which is similar to an American moose. Norway offers an array of amazing qualities that make it the absolutely perfect travel destination.