Coin Wishing Trees Can Be Found Throughout UK


In Great Britain, there is a special way to make a wish. Heading into the woods near the Peak District near Liverpool or the Scottish Highlands you’ll see what we mean.

We are talking about strange trees who are fully covered with coins. “We had no idea why it was being done when we first noticed the tree trunk was being filled with coins,” explains Muerig Jones, a man who discovered one of the trees in 2011 and went looking for an explanation. “I did some detective work and discovered that trees were sometimes used as ‘wishing trees.’” It is believed that these trees bring luck and make your wish come true.

Coin Wishing Trees Can Be Found Throughout UK

The tradition dates all the way back to the 1700s. The belief also goes that you cannot remove someone else’s coin or you’ll be cursed. “We haven’t publicized it at all, it’s just happened,” Muerig explains. “It’s quite amazing really.”


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