Don’t Miss These Gems On Your Trip To Belgium


Imagine strolling through Belgium, hot chocolate in one hand, waffles in the other, ready to uncover the country’s hidden treasures. Belgium is full of unexpected gems that go way beyond its reputation for chocolates and enchanting medieval towns. Let’s take a look.

The Fairytale Town of Durbuy

This little settlement claims the title of the smallest town in the world. Walking through its medieval streets feels like stepping into a fairytale, with cobblestone lanes, charming boutiques, and a stunning 17th-century castle. The town is surrounded by nature, with outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking, all nearby. 

The Mystical Hallerbos Forest

Each spring, the Hallerbos forest, located on the outskirts of Brussels, transforms into a magical carpet of bluebells. This “Blue Forest” draws visitors from around the globe. The best time to visit is in late April when the bluebells are in full bloom. So if you’re planning a spring trip, keep this in mind!

Ghent’s Graffiti Alley

While Bruges gets most of the attention for its medieval charm, Ghent holds an artistic secret: Werregarenstraat, or Graffiti Alley. This ever-evolving canvas showcases the work of talented street artists, offering a vibrant contrast to the city’s historic architecture. It’s a living testament to Ghent’s thriving contemporary art scene.


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