Esther Sturrus is Sharing Insider Tips From Her Life as a Flight Attendant


Flight attendants get to experience the magic of traveling the world from a completely different perspective – and some of them became viral sensations after deciding to give us an insider look at their lives. Esther Sturrus is one of them, and she’s taking TikTok and Instagram by storm with her travel tips and tricks.

After successfully completing her MBO course to become an aviation service provider at Albeda College, Sturrus hoped she’ll start exploring the world right away. Unfortunately, she had to put her dream of navigating the skies on hold after the pandemic struck and launched a fashion brand Essies Fashion before returning to her one true passion.

She started working as a flight attendant for KLM and decided to offer a behind-the-scenes look at her life on social media. Her TikTok and Instagram experienced a huge boom thanks to her useful travel hacks, ranging from making your flights hassle-free to fully enjoying your hotel stays.

Sturrus is now followed by over 200,000 people on both TikTok and Instagram and her followers enjoyed her unfiltered outlook on life as a flight attendant. She’s always keeping it 100% reals about the ups and downs of working as a cabin crew member, while also sharing insider tips that travelers from all walks of life can use to fully enjoy their globe-trotting adventures.