First 3D House Printed in Russia


This is the first 3D house printed on site. It feels like the far future is actually around the corner. This invention might have just changed the future of home construction.

This is the first house to be 3D printed on-site. The house is located in Stupino in the Moscow region of Russia. The company which made the house is Apis Cor, which has developed a mobile construction 3D printer. It’s incredible: the printer can create entire houses on-site.

It is a mobile construction 3D printer and was used to create self-bearing walls, partitions, and the building envelope. The most astonishing thing is that this machine only took 24 hours to build the new house.

The construction was completed at a company facility in Stupino. The house itself measures approximately 124 square feet. How great is that we started from printing papers and now we can actually create houses!


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