Here’s Why Creating a Travel Itinerary is a Must


When we’re planning a trip away, sometimes the excitement and expectation can make thorough planning feel too much like hard work. Of course, it is always possible to pitch up somewhere and have a great time, but there are good reasons why creating an itinerary—or at least planning some of your activities or days—can help improve your overall experience.

Don’t Waste Time

For almost everyone, vacation time is precious and hard-won. Why waste your rare holiday arguing with friends or family about what to do, or dithering by yourself until half the day is wasted? Having some clear plans of what you want to see and do in your destination means that wasting time is less of a risk. This doesn’t mean that you can’t leave some days blank in your itinerary: just as carefully planning a trip to a local beauty spot or museum is useful, so is having a day of wondering and following your senses through a place that is new to you.

No Regrets

When you’re visiting a new country, city, or town, it’s almost impossible to see and do everything on offer. However, you can limit your regrets by prioritizing certain activities and sights and making these key within your itinerary. This way, you’ll enjoy your time away, knowing that you’ve spent it in the way that suits you best.


If you’re traveling with others, an itinerary is a must if you want to avoid (or at least reduce) arguments and bickering. Plan the itinerary together, so everyone gets to share their preferences and ideas for what to do on vacation. When you’re away, make sure that you do at least one activity chosen by each person, so no one feels left out or neglected.


Lily F
Lily F
Lily is a fan of the great outdoors and can often be found half way along a trail or strolling along the beach. She also loves cosying up with a good book, and is determined to get better at baking over the winter.
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