Here’s Why You Need to Visit Third-World Countries


When it comes to traveling the world, there are many different kinds of countries you can visit. There are lavish countries that are more on the expensive side, countries that are known for their rich history, and then there are other places known as “third world countries.” These countries tend to have poor economies with not very advanced technology. That being said, here’s why you should visit one of them.

You Learn How the Less Fortunate Live

From an educational perspective, traveling to a third-world country can be a great way to round yourself out as a person. Observing with your own eyes how many people around the world live—especially when those people don’t have the same luxuries we do—can be quite eye-opening and humbling as well.

It’s Much Cheaper

On a completely different note, traveling to these countries is also much cheaper than others. If you’re looking for a luxurious hotel stay, you can probably find something like that in third-world countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam for a darn good price. From massages to fun activities to lounging in your hotel spa, you’ll be shocked at just how cheap some of these things are in these countries.


Eitan R
Eitan R
Eitan is a songwriter, Lakers fan, and second-place winner at a Harry Potter trivia night. He enjoys writing about travel, sports, food, and geek culture.
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