How To Book The Best Hotels For The Holidays And Save Some


Getting hotels during the holidays can be an absolute nightmare. Prices skyrocket and rooms book up. Fear not, we have got you covered with all the tips and tricks to make sure you still get the room you wanted at the price you need.

The biggest trick is to change your booking time depending on where you are going. Take a look below to find your destination and the best time to book to get the prices and locations you want.

United States – Book in November (especially Thanksgiving week). The average hotel in the US is about $140 and those prices keep even from March until November, when prices start to go down. You’ll find the greatest savings around Thanksgiving weekend.

Europe – Book in the middle of November. European hotels are around $102 a night. In March the prices tend to level out but start to decline by about 5% in the middle of November.

Asia – Book after September. In comparison to other countries, hotels in Asia are a straight up bargain, pricing in around $68 a night. Book in September to score some extra savings.

The Caribbean – Whenever! Holiday rates about about $243, with slightly lower prices over the summer. But this is a year round destination and prices don’t tend to change all that much.

Central America – Get your tickets before August. Prices in Central America have a yearly average of about $115 but start to rise at the end of August until the end of the year. So snag those tickets before the summer lets out.


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