How to Plan Your Next Family Vacation


Travelling with a family, especially a big one, is a whole nother ball game. Once kids are in the picture, there is another side of things to keep in mind when traveling. While you might think that Seaworld and Legoland are the only destination vacations you’ll be having until the kids are 18, but that is not the case.

In the meantime, here are our tips for making the magic happen.

Put Away Your Mouse Ears

Just because you’ve got kids now, doesn’t mean you need to go to an amusement park for every vacation.

Many cities are perfect for children. Locations like London and Paris are full of wide open spaces for children to run around, great science museums and many of the big art museums will have tours or activities focused on children. Just because you’ve got little ones, doesn’t mean you should be starved for culture.

When you’re thinking of taking your family somewhere, don’t give up on your dreams. Just because you’re driving a minivan and toting around three days’ worth of diapers and snacks doesn’t mean you only need to head to Disneyland – unless that’s what you want.

Research Transportation

Possibly the hardest part of toting your family to a new location is the transportation once you get there. Many of Europe’s crowded capitals rely on public transportation rather than cars or taxis, so make sure you’ve got your kids packed in a way that is city-ready.

If you need a stroller, pick one that you can maneuver well. Consider putting the baby in a hands-free pouch so you have got your hands at the ready.

Budget like a Boss

Either way, travelling is going to put a dent in your wallet, but you can mitigate the damage by planning ahead.

Usually, its attractions and meals that can take the biggest bite of cash. Save on attractions by looking up child or family rates in advance, or check if there’s a family membership that might actually be cheaper than general admission.

Consider lodgings with cooking facilities and take two nights a week to cook up a big pasta and salad to save big on dining bucks. And always eat breakfast in the hotel.

Little Foodies

Kids can be picky and while you travel, and try and expand their palate expect a little bit of resistance. Especially with jetlag, your kids might need a little more help than usual when it comes to staying nourished.

Look ahead at the restaurants that you’ll have near where you’re staying and check menus to make sure there are kid friendly options. If your child will only eat peanut butter and bread, consider bringing a jar along in case of emergencies.


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