Iisa Hero Will Inspire You to Explore the World on a Budget, No Matter How Old You Are


Iisa Hero visited 40 countries before even turning 21, but how exactly did she manage to achieve such an impressive feat? Budget travel is the secret of her success, and the Finish travel blogger is now using her platform to encourage other travelers with limited financial resources to explore the world.

Hero hails from Finland, but life took her to many different places long before she decided to turn to travel blogging. She spent a few months living in Australia and New Zealand as an exchange student in high school and spent a lot of time traveling around the U.S. because that’s where her boyfriend’s from.

Hero’s story is a case in point that being young and broke shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world. Her content mostly focuses on offering budget-friendly tips to travelers of all ages, and she’s on a mission to teach her audience “how to travel on a budget while still enjoying unique experiences.”

Hero was able to set aside enough time to explore the world because she studies business administration online. Since her Instagram page experienced a boom and attracted over 140,000 followers, she’s now able to earn some extra cash through content creation and brand partnerships.