Irish Beach Reappears After More Than 30 Years


Dooagh beach was swept away more than 33 years ago. Earlier this month, the Beach reappeared with its thousands of tons of sand which were deposited on the rocky coastline of Achill Island.

At the time, the beach had disappeared because of various large storms which had taken away all the sand from the beach. With the spring though, the sand finally returned. The big storm was in 1984 and now because of a weather coincidence of high tides and strong rains and winds from another large storm, the beach is back.

The beach was one of the most popular beaches on the shoreline so people are really happy of its return. The island is really small, with a population of only 2,600 people, however it is one of the largest islands off the coast of Ireland. On top of it, Achill Island is a part of the Wild Atlantic Way, a tourist trail that starts from the south all the way to the north-west point of Ireland. What an amazing news: We can’t wait to visit!


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