Italian High School Sweethearts Make a Splash With Their Travel Blog “Take My Heart Everywhere”


Francesca and Tommaso were still teens when they met in high school, and traveling was always one of their biggest shared passions. Years down the road, these two high school sweethearts are still exploring the world by each other’s side and making waves with their blog Take My Heart Everywhere.

Francesca and Tommaso first met in 2011, while still going to high school. They both enjoyed going on family holidays and school trips as children, and their love for travel only deepened while they were attending the Faculty of Applied Business Languages in Milan.

“The university years have been a great motivation for us because we had the chance to deepen our knowledge on other cultures… Of course, during these years we also had more time to travel together to some of the best destinations in Europe and the rest of the world,” the duo explained on their blog.

Their love for travel only kept growing following their graduation, and they’re now doing it full-time. They started their blog in 2015 because they wanted to share their adventures, passions, love, and knowledge with the world, and they’re now hoping their story will teach people that travel is actually “an act and a feeling that can happen in every given moment.”