Preparing for Your Nepal Trekking Trip


Many people engage on a Himalayan trekking trip but don’t enjoy it afterwards. The key to a positive, stress-free and unforgettable Himalaya trip is preparing it the right way.

Here we tell you how.

Research thoroughly

Firstly, make sure your travelling with a trustworthy company: one that employs local people, has experience, and looks up to your health. Also, acclimatize for your trip. It is physically demanding to incredible amounts.

 Pick the right one for you

A Himalayan trek is an once-in-a-lifetime quest, so you need to get it right. There are many options, and the right one depends on what you want: Spend lots of time in camps to discover the local villages or cover the greatest distance possible? Culture or sight-seeing? Easy tracks or busy trails?


 Train a lot

This may be one of the most important parts: Training and acclimatizing. Don’t limit to the gym, you need to train on mountains to get accustomed to air pressure and heights. Walk every single day, and maybe even prepare a trekking excursion to a local mountain, if it is a possibility.

Don’t over-pack

Only pack what is essential. Keep the weight under 15 kg and your back will thank you.

Buy lightweight expedition clothes and Wilderness Wash for personal purpose. The only heavy tool that is indispensable is a couple of trekking poles as they will help you a lot through difficult paths.

Study the culture

This is not essential, but will give a boost to the enjoyment of your trip as Nepal’s culture is profoundly rich. Learn some words of the local language before you get there, as the local people will truly appreciate it.


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