The Enchanted Forest Offers a Chance to Explore One of the Worlds Largest Treehouses


Tree houses have always had a special place in the hearts and imaginations of children. Unfortunately, as time goes by and children grow up they often feel they have to leave this dream behind. The sad fact of the matter is that most trees can’t hold houses that are built for adults, which is what makes The Enchanted Forest so special!

The entire project was the dream of an artist named Doris Needham. She was a Canadian artist who sought to bring fairytales to life by creating life-sized cement figures. As you can imagine she quickly ran out of space to store her work and felt that they deserved to exist in a special setting. She searched her home province of British Columbia until she found an isolated parcel of land among the greenery of Revelstoke. Needham and her family didn’t have the resources that Walt Disney had when he built his theme park but that just added to the charm of her creation.

In the early days, Needham and her family worked to create her own personal wonderland by hand. They painstakingly crafted 8 acres of land into her own kingdom, filled with hundreds of figures and just two buildings. Over the years the personal passion project grew and grew, and today it’s one of British Columbia’s most beloved destinations. Doris would retire in the 1970s and sell off her creation, but the new owners dedicated themselves to preserving her creation while expanding on her vision. One of the additions they made was the 50-foot tall treehouse. Today the treehouse allows the young and young at heart to live out their childhood fantasies. In an increasingly corporate world, The Enchanted Forest is a little slice of handcrafted magic.


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