How to Prioritize Activities on a Short Vacation


If you’re going on a short vacation, you may feel like there’s a lot of pressure to see and do a certain amount of things while you’re away. However, giving in to this pressure is sure to turn your holiday into a stressful experience, and leave you feeling like you need another break to recover from your first! Here’s how to prioritize a few activities when you’re away on a short break, so you can balance sightseeing with some proper relaxation, too.

Read Up on the Sights

If you’re heading somewhere you’ve never been before, do some research before you arrive and check out the key sights and activities of the area you’re visiting. From this list, try and narrow it down to three or four key activities (or less if these are all-day activities). If you’re really struggling to choose between two different activities, let yourself decide on the day as you don’t want to feel beholden to your travel itinerary when you’re on vacation.

What is the Vacation For?

Have you booked a short break because you want to visit a city you’ve never experienced before? Or, are you just sorely in need of some rest and relaxation? If it’s the latter, consider seriously limiting the activities you plan to, and let yourself chill by the pool or on the beach. It can feel hard to fully switch off when we’re on holiday, but if it’s a short break making sure you get some relaxation in is more important than anything else.

Go With Your Interests

If there’s an amazing hiking trail in the area you’re visiting, and a museum about the history of the local area, choose whichever activity you would go for if you weren’t on holiday. If you’re a more active person, it’s likely that the trail will appeal – whereas if you’re a history buff, the museum is going to be calling you. Try to ignore external pressures and an idea of what you ‘should’ see and do, and focus on what you know you’ll enjoy.


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