This Little Mistake In Google Maps Is Sending Tourists in Australia To The Wrong Place


Google Maps is undoubtedly something that millions of people are using for guidance on their trips. However, a sleepy suburb in the rural parts of Australia recently received a serious influx of stranded tourists after a glitch in the system mislead hundreds of tourists there instead to the Blue Mountains. 

Dargan in New South Wales, a nondescript town and a destination far from being a tourist attraction was on the receiver’s end of a serious amount of tourists. The town is about a 30-minutes’ drive away from the nearest entrance to the Blue Mountains National Park and yet it received a serious amount of tourists a few weeks ago. 

People followed the routes of Google Maps to the park but they were rather mislead. What is worse, the majority of them are non-English speaking tourists, making it rather challenging for the locals to explain them the way. And while this is far from being the only case which turned out to be widely inaccurate in terms of directions received on Google Maps, it is worth noting that this was a slightly awkward one as Google had sent the tourists more than 35 kilometers out of their way. This is definitely a substantial deviation. 

It just shows us that not everything that we see online should be taken for granted and for merit, even if it is brought by Google – probably the most reliable and reputable company out there. This is something that you might want to take into account. 


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