Tips for Surviving an Overnight Ferry Trip


When heading abroad there are various options for how to get there. Plane travel is popular for its convenience for long-distance destinations. Other than this, some trains get you to other countries, or you can travel by ferry. Traveling by ferry can be a lovely way to cross the sea, but can take a little while. Here are some helpful things to keep in mind before an overnight ferry trip. 

It May be Worth Paying for a Cabin

Often overnight ferries offer a private cabin for a cost, or a chair in the sleeping lounge for much less. It’s good to think carefully about whether it’s worth paying the price. If you are someone who can sleep well anywhere then the lounge chair should be fine, but many people find they are unable to sleep well there and would rather pay for a room and a bed. 

Consider Bringing Food With You

There are usually restaurants and bars on a ferry, but they can be overpriced and not so nice. If possible it may be worth bringing a meal with you in a plastic container so you can have a hearty, cheap dinner. You will likely be buying breakfast on the boat, so you will appreciate having one home-cooked meal.


Hannah F
Hannah F
Hannah loves traveling and having new experiences. She is happiest when enjoying the wonderful outdoors and walking in nature, but also loves a cosy night in with a book or film.
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