Top 5 Things Travelers Should Know About Namibia


Namibia is slowly but surely becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. Visitors can enjoy some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth, get close to animals like lions and elephants, and experience a diverse and vibrant culture. However, there are some things travelers should know about Namibia before heading there.

It Won’t Be as Cheap as You Think

One thing that travelers are surprised by is how expensive a trip to Namibia can be. This is mainly because you will need to pay for transportation and guides if you want to see its major tourist attractions. Also, the accommodation is more expensive compared to neighboring countries.

You Can Stay 90 Days Without a Visa as a U.S. Citizen

If you hold a U.S. passport, you can enter Namibia and stay there for up to 90 days. The only requirement is that you have a passport valid for at least six more months.

U.S. Dollar is the Best Currency to Have

While credit cards are widely accepted in major cities, you might find it hard to pay with them in some other areas of the country. This is why you should have cash on you at all times, preferably in U.S. dollars. This is the currency that you will have no trouble exchanging for a local Namibian Dollar or getting accepted outright.

Prepare for High Temperatures

It can get scorching hot in Namibia. If you travel during the summer, expect temperatures of 100F and more. Even during the winter, the temperature rarely drops below 75F.

You’ll Need to Be Extra Cautious With Your Belongings

Namibia is a fairly safe country, especially in major tourist centers. However, petty theft is still a major issue, so you need to be extra cautious with your belongings and avoid leaving them unattended.


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